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President's Letter


FROM: Ron Glassman
CT ASMP Chapter President


Dear Members:


In the next few weeks our chapter, along with the national organization, will hold board elections. When I review the percentage of members who vote in the National elections I am astounded that the number is so low. It hovers around 10%. I can only speculate on the reasons; I don’t think that it is apathy. After all we make the choice to become members of ASMP. This commitment requires us to pay dues. Shouldn’t we all want to take part in the process of choosing our leaders and having a voice in determining the future of the organization? I urge you to pay attention to the candidate statements and the ensuing ballots that will make their way into your in-box over the next few weeks.


On the chapter level the current board is up for reelection. A list of the 2013 slate is here. If there are Chapter members who want to be part of the board, let your voice be heard. We are inclusive. We want you! If you can’t devote the necessary time to becoming a board member, but can help with serving on a committee, then let us know. Help and ideas are always welcome.


During the past two years I have been surrounded by an incredible team of creative and dedicated individuals. When I became President nearly two years ago at the top of my agenda was to strengthen programming, and stabilize and grow membership. Our programming has been extremely successful. Last year we started the OMG (Ongoing Motivational Groups) and have approximately 30 participants in 5 groups around the state. If you do not participate in a group, and would like to, send us an email. The feedback from the participants has been positive. As artists, and for the most part freelancers, it is helpful to meet with peers to discuss the “work environment.” These groups shape themselves depending on the make-up of the members; however as a generalization they serve as a sounding board, an accountability factor, and a source of information. One member refers to it as his “board of directors.”


Chapter membership is an ongoing challenge. We began an outreach program where we have given presentations in college classrooms around the state. The feedback has been extremely positive and we have gained student and emerging photographers from this effort. However there are still pros out there, who reside in CT, who are not ASMP members and we need to reach out to them. If you know someone in this category, bring them to an event and get them on our mailing list.


In 2012 we started a “10 Tips” program. It’s a new way to package and promote our home grown programming. Coming up on February 18th is a program on blogging similar to what we successfully hosted last year. Later in the spring we’ll sponsor a “10 Tips for the Assistant” program and on March 7th the chapter exhibit “ORANGE” will open in Chester. Other programming topics include a video intro, Technology; Shooting Wirelessly and we are also hosting a National program on pricing and negotiating with Bill Cramer of Wonderful Machine.


As always, the board looks for feedback. Our goal is to promote the best business practices, share experiences with one another, educate and illuminate. Let us know how we are doing.


Ronald Glassman



Copyright 2012 Ron GlassmanCopyright 2011 Ron Glassman



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