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Member Spotlight: Ty Foster

Ty Foster's photographs of dogs and people with their dogs takes what was traditionally staid and predictable and reinvents lifestyle pet photography for not only commercial use, but blazes a new path for personal portrait sessions in this genre.


A new and emerging member of ASMP-CT, Ty joined recently to take advantage of a portfolio review that ASMP-CT was making available to it's members in partnership with ASMP-NY. Rich Freeda interviews Ty in this months ASMP CT Member Spotlight.


Rich: How / Why did you become a photographer?
Ty: Honestly I am unsure how I became a photographer, it sort of just happened. I never really grew up with it; we always had a camera in the house and my uncle was a photographer but there wasn't that affinity at a young age. I became more and more involved with it when I studied abroad, I pretty much had a camera with me where ever I went. I graduated college, entered the workforce as an underwriter in insurance and quickly found that insurance wasn't for me. A friend of mine approached me, knowing I photographed as a hobby and asked if I would photograph a wedding for free since the couple couldn't afford a photographer. I obliged, fell in love with wedding photography and by the hand of fate found Nikki (of Nikki Nicole photography) who became a phenomenal mentor for weddings. I walked into my insurance job, quit and emailed a few commercial photographers the very next day and asked if anyone could use an assistant. Rich Freeda answered my email, I met with him and he became another solid mentor. So to answer your question about how I became a photographer, a lot of hard-work and two great mentors. Why I became a photographer, I am still trying to answer that question myself.


Rich: Where do you go to explore photography?
Ty: Magazines and other photographers blogs. I like the tangibility of a magazine. However you can't replace the accessibility the internet provides. Portfolios tend to become stale after a while, but a photographer who constantly updates their blogs with new images, thoughts, ideas - doesn't get much better than that. Oh, and Pintrest.


Rich: Tell me you favorite subject to photograph? What do you love about it?
Ty: Dogs [and their owners]. I love the sincerity of it. A dog has no idea what a camera is or what it is to be shy in front of it. They don't put on their 'facebook' face or try and pose. They're just dogs in front of a camera. They're organic. That's what I love about it. You truly are capturing who and what they are because that's all they know how to be.


Rich: If you were trapped on a deserted island, what lens would you bring and why?
Ty: Easy, 50mm 1.2 L . I love this lens, it's my bread and butter.


Rich: What did you join ASMP-CT and what does it mean to you?
Ty: Between the speakers, the information and the education that ASMP has to offer; it's really a no brainer. Once you are a member it's great to know you have such a strong group of photographers to reach out to for help and ideas.



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