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Chapter Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) is dedicated to building and sustaining an active membership by fostering community, promoting education, and encouraging peer support. We seek to inspire and motivate professional photographers to strive for the highest standards of quality in their craft and to exemplify the sound business practices and ideals set forth by the ASMP National.


Rights protection, promotion standards, ethics, community and camaraderie. Founded in 1944, the American Society of Media Photographers (originally the Society of Magazine Photographers and later the American Society of Magazine Photographers) is the leading trade association for photographers who photograph primarily for publication.


ASMP promotes photographers' rights, educates photographers in better business practices, produces business publications for photographers and helps buyers find professional photographers.ASMP was founded in 1944 by a handful of the world's leading photojournalists and is recognized internationally for its leadership role. ASMP has over 5,000 members, including many of the world's greatest photographers, in 40 chapters nationwide.


The ASMP has three purposes:

  1. To protect and promote the interests of photographers whose work is for publication.
  2. To promote high professional standards and ethics.
  3. To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding among photographers.


ASMP was formed at a time when photographers were forced to shoot on speculation and credit lines had not yet been established. The organization was born out of need, and that need has driven it for more than half a century.


ASMP is active in the areas of copyright, better conditions for photographers, combating work-for-hire, and providing legal advocacy and lobbying. It promotes business education through seminars, White Papers, and publication of business books and forms. It has helped frame copyright legislation and Society representatives have often given testimony before Senate and Congressional committees and in legal cases.


The Society also refers inquiries for photography to its members, by region or specialty. ASMP has a Code of Ethics to guide members in their dealings with clients and colleagues.



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